The impact of human activity on the microbial communities of the environment

This chapter of the book examines how human activity affects microbial communities in the environment.

The chapter presents how humans bias the microbial community and reduce its natural variability. The chapter focuses especially on the destructive effect of massive tillage on microbial communities. Examples illuminate the consequences of construction, green construction, invasive non-native species and environmental pollution. The chapter focuses on how these factors are connected to the prevalence of non-communicable inflammatory diseases.

The chapter also presents possible solutions based on published research data.

Sinkkonen A. 2022. Distortion of the microbiota of the natural environment by human activities. In Evolution, Biodiversity and a Reassessment of the Hygiene Hypothesis, Eds. Rook GAW, Lowry CA, pp. 222-242. Springer, Cham. ISBN: 978-3-030-91051-8