A collection of presentations and publications from our research group. 

Scientific publications

Health-promoting microbial diversity missing from dietary recommendations

Eating safe microbes from the soil can promote the development of our gut microbiota and immune defence, and have a positive impact on our mental health Read more

List of BIWE publications

All publications of the BIWE research group are listed on this page. Read more

Modulation of the food microbiome by apple fruit processing

Food inhabiting microbes, currently considered being a risk factor for food safety, are a potential resource for the infant gut microbiome. Read more

Sandbox sand enriched with natural materials strengthens the microbiota and immune regulation of children’s bodies

Kindergarten children’s immune system regulation can be improved in just two weeks by playing in a sandbox, to which natural materials proven to be safe, i.e. microbiological diversity, have been added. Read more

The impact of human activity on the microbial communities of the environment

This chapter of the book examines how human activity affects microbial communities in the environment. Read more

Forest-based yard improved kindergarten children’s immune system

The article by the researchers of the ADELE research group about the green yards of kindergartens was published in the Science Advances journal. Read more

Greening the kindergarten yard reduced the probability of potential pathogenic bacteria succeeding on children’s skin

Marja Roslundin ym. kirjoittama tutkimusartikkeli on julkaistu Environmental International -lehdessä. Read more


BIWE presentation

BIWE in English

A short presentation of our project Biodiversity interventions for well-being. Read more